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Never buy litter again with the low odor litter box you can put anywhere.


The Fuzzybutts Litter Box is the most inexpensive, low odor, environmentally friendly, and easy cat box you'll ever use.


You'll never buy litter again. The Fuzzybutts Cat Box comes with permanent, low-tracking litter that you don't throw away. The innovative draining box and liquid containment bladder reduces odors and helps keep your home smelling fresh. You can go up to three weeks before the liquid system needs to be emptied, and it's easy and mess-free. The Fuzzybutts connectors prevent drips and keep your hands clean.  

You'll save hundreds of dollars and hours of your time.

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How does permanent litter work?

Fuzzybutts Litter Box uses permanent, low tracking litter that allows liquid waste to drain to a containment bag. When liquid and solid waste are separated, there is less odor. Clay, clumping, and corn-based litters allow solid and liquid waste to mingle, vastly increasing odor. By draining into a sealed containment bag that is reused after it is emptied, you'll create less landfill waste, experience less odor, and have a happier kitty. The permanent litter are non permeable pebbles that can be easily rinsed and disinfected right in the box.


No more heavy bags, landfill waste, and strip-mining.

Normal litters harm the environment because they are made from strip-mined clay. Corn litter requires tons of petroleum fertilizer to make and takes corn from the food supply. Disposable litters track all over your home,  stink, and become landfill waste. The Fuzzybutt Cat Box uses permanent litter that is washable and never needs to be changed. It’s environmentally friendly and saves you money and time.

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No More Dust

Conventional and clumping cat litter creates dust which can irritate your lungs and the lungs of your kitty. Clumping cat litter has industrial chemicals which can cause serious health problems when inhaled. Your fuzzybutt wants to stay healthy, and wants you to have happy lungs. Stop inhaling the pee-soaked dust of disposable litter. Breathe freely with the Fuzzybutts Litter Box.


What comes with a Fuzzybutts Litter Box?


Fuzzybutts Litter Box comes assembled with the box, permanent litter, the drip-free connectors and liquid waste reservoir, the drain tube, and the scoop. You also receive 20 free bio-plastic biodegradable solid waste bags.

Never buy litter again!

To learn more about how to operate the Fuzzybutts Cat Box, our New Hampshire Manufacturing Facility, and our delivery schedule, visit our FAQ and our Blog.