Revisions and Improvements

We've had a great response to Fuzzybutts. It has been such a pleasure to hear back from so many new users of Fuzzybutts Litter Box. We've heard from people that the odor control is fantastic, that not buying litter is a great savings, and that their kitty no longer tracks litter everywhere. These are huge improvements over normal litter boxes and we are grateful that it has been a sales success.

A few users have had difficulty with a component and we have determined that we need to suspend sales until we can settle that out. It's not a major element but we want to be sure that every Fuzzybutts that you receive is certain to function well. 

We already had several significant redesigns in the works and are hoping to roll those out soon. The improvements should alleviate the issue we've had to date and we look forward to when we can continue shipping this innovative product to you.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Fuzzybutts!

All orders are shipped!

Many thanks to our dear Fuzzybutts customers! From France to Australia, California to Maine, our patient Fuzzybutts Family waited months to receive their brand new Fuzzybutts Litter Box. Thank you for your patience and support. You were so kind in your patience as we overcame manufacturing hurdles and design improvements to bring you the innovative litter box that eliminates environmental damage from kitty litter and saves you time and money. 

We now have an inventory of ready to ship Fuzzybutts and have enjoyed the easy, rapid delivery of new orders. Our small family-run manufacturing facility remains hard at work and we hope to keep up with the demand such that all new orders are shipped within 1-2 days of your order.

Thank you so much, Fuzzybutts Family!

The time we rescued a jaguar cub in Belize

The time we rescued a jaguar cub in Belize

If you are interested in Fuzzybutts, you are probably interested in cats. Does your interest in cats include large kitties such as Jaguars? How about a beautiful Jaguar cub?  Since they are as adorable as any domestic kitten (though less perturbed by a sneaky cucumber), you might as well get a story about the day we rescued a jaguar cub in the jungles of Belize


Staying Connected

Nowadays, staying connected generally means something along the lines of regular facebook use. For the Finney Labs team, it has meant a LOT of work on the production of the mess-free connectors for the Fuzzybutts Cat Box.

It's amazing how the slightest little alteration will make or break it. A slightly higher K value in the spring, and its too hard to push the connector together. Too weak and it won't shut off when disconnected. Just the right stainless steel for resistance to kitty pee over the course of years. Our connectors are an extremely important part of the system, as they will keep users hands clean and make it mess free to empty the bag, so we've worked countless hours to get them just right.

When I first began designing Fuzzybutts, I thought that it could be sold without automatic shutoff connectors. Get some air in the line and disconnect was my method. But thinking about the variety of people who will use Fuzzybutts, it quickly became obvious that somehow I would have to keep every drop of liquid waste in the tube whether it is connected or disconnected. I'm a medical student, almost entirely not queasy about biological fluids. At a surgery center in a Honduran orphanage I've emptied surgical suction canisters from orthopedic and urological surgery. They look, smell, and sound like a horror movie.  I'm not the right person to evaluate that every user of Fuzzybutts would take a little cat pee in stride. So, we came up with a way to make sure that the process of discarding the liquid waste from the collection bag is completely free of drips and mess.

We continue to perfect. We're almost there! July deliveries are looking good.

Tooling up.

We're nearing completion of our production line for every part of the revolutionary Fuzzybutts Litter Box. We won't post pictures of the bag and connectors until we finalize the last few material suppliers. We've made some changes in color and shape based on feedback from our testing team, so very soon you'll be able to see the bag and connectors as they will ship with the box.

We are setting up our production line such that we can support under 100 units a day. Thankfully we are prepared to scale up rapidly if that becomes necessary. We've identified a completely automated thermoforming machine and have agreed on satisfactory terms with the current operator in case we have to scale rapidly. We can build additional bag formers quickly, and within two days could tool up additional cnc lathes for the connectors. I hope that happens, but until then, I'm very happy with our progress toward low quantity production.



Testing Units Away

We've produced testing units to get some much needed feedback and critique of our innovative new cat box. Many cats have already used the various iterations of Fuzzybutts, but now we are sending it off into the world to see how setup and use go for less biased users and kitties.

A friend from medical school has been following the design saga of the Fuzzybutts Cat Box with interest. She has a lovely kitty who like Swizzle used to be a stray. I decided to make delivery of one of the first as fun as possible. My daughter and I took the train down to Boston and walked all the way across the city with an original Fuzzybutts Cat Box strapped to the stroller. Our destination was my daughters favorite Boston institution: The New England Aquarium. We had a lovely time at the aquarium and passed off the Fuzzybutts Cat Box to its new home.

If only the fish knew what was in their midst!


The provisional patent is complete!

At Dartmouth I took some entrepreneurship courses. The course director, Greg Fairbrothers, would always start by telling us that our very best idea is worth $1. He told this to some hotshot Tuck students whose ideas have made many millions since that time. Why so pessimistic about the value of an idea? Because ALL of the work is in going from idea to purchasable product, and it is a lot of work! His quip has born out completely in the creation of the Fuzzybutts Cat Box.

I've made a big first step on the path from idea to product with the filing of our Provisional Patent application with the USPTO. By the time it was all written, applied for, and paid for, a couple weeks of work were involved. However, I can now more openly discuss the design with friends, suppliers, and consultants. Even better, I will now give out some testing units for feedback from other people. I'm really looking forward to the critiques and thoughts.

Here's to a long, loving relationship with the USPTO.