Manufacturing to ship by April

We've had a great response to Fuzzybutts post-Kickstarter. We've had lots of orders and so many people have emailed with interest from all over the world. We already have orders from countries in both hemispheres and south of the equator. We've even had some interest from pet stores who would like to carry Fuzzybutts. We're thrilled!

If you have ever been involved in manufacturing a product, you understand what a challenge it can be to transition from laboriously making under-a-hundred-by-hand to automating processes for several thousand. It's a lot of work and requires a careful balance of satisfying current customers' orders as well as building inventory to deliver more rapidly to future customers. It's going well, and we're steadily speeding up the precision manufacturing of the 30 pieces that are assembled to make each Fuzzybutts. It's challenging, fun, and an interesting process.

If you've ordered already, thank you! We're really grateful for you joining with us and we are prioritizing the delivery of your Fuzzybutts by April. Hopefully sooner, but at least by then. If you are thinking about buying one now but aren't sure of the delivery date, please consider purchasing now so that you are included in this latest manufacture. Waiting to order your Fuzzybutts might delay its delivery until later in 2017.

Thank you again for your interest!