Tooling up.

We're nearing completion of our production line for every part of the revolutionary Fuzzybutts Litter Box. We won't post pictures of the bag and connectors until we finalize the last few material suppliers. We've made some changes in color and shape based on feedback from our testing team, so very soon you'll be able to see the bag and connectors as they will ship with the box.

We are setting up our production line such that we can support under 100 units a day. Thankfully we are prepared to scale up rapidly if that becomes necessary. We've identified a completely automated thermoforming machine and have agreed on satisfactory terms with the current operator in case we have to scale rapidly. We can build additional bag formers quickly, and within two days could tool up additional cnc lathes for the connectors. I hope that happens, but until then, I'm very happy with our progress toward low quantity production.