Testing Units Away

We've produced testing units to get some much needed feedback and critique of our innovative new cat box. Many cats have already used the various iterations of Fuzzybutts, but now we are sending it off into the world to see how setup and use go for less biased users and kitties.

A friend from medical school has been following the design saga of the Fuzzybutts Cat Box with interest. She has a lovely kitty who like Swizzle used to be a stray. I decided to make delivery of one of the first as fun as possible. My daughter and I took the train down to Boston and walked all the way across the city with an original Fuzzybutts Cat Box strapped to the stroller. Our destination was my daughters favorite Boston institution: The New England Aquarium. We had a lovely time at the aquarium and passed off the Fuzzybutts Cat Box to its new home.

If only the fish knew what was in their midst!