Revisions and Improvements

We've had a great response to Fuzzybutts. It has been such a pleasure to hear back from so many new users of Fuzzybutts Litter Box. We've heard from people that the odor control is fantastic, that not buying litter is a great savings, and that their kitty no longer tracks litter everywhere. These are huge improvements over normal litter boxes and we are grateful that it has been a sales success.

A few users have had difficulty with a component and we have determined that we need to suspend sales until we can settle that out. It's not a major element but we want to be sure that every Fuzzybutts that you receive is certain to function well. 

We already had several significant redesigns in the works and are hoping to roll those out soon. The improvements should alleviate the issue we've had to date and we look forward to when we can continue shipping this innovative product to you.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for Fuzzybutts!