How does Fuzzybutts Litter Box work?

When solid and liquid waste are in contact, the odors are greater than the sum of the parts. Fuzzybutts uses permanent, cat friendly, environmentally favorable pebbles as litter, which allows liquid waste to drain down into the reusable, flexible reservoir. Solid waste is scooped out normally, but the liquid is sequestered away in an unvented bladder that keeps odors trapped. After 1-3 weeks, when the bladder is full, simply disconnect Fuzzybutts drip-proof connector and attach the bladder to the drain connector. With the drain connector tube in the toilet or down a drain, lift the bladder so that the liquid drains out. Now reconnect the bladder to the box connector and you are done. The process takes less than 5 minutes and the only waste is what your kitty makes.

When will I receive Fuzzybutts?

Fuzzybutts Litter Box is made in our family run manufacturing facility in New Hampshire. Updates on our production can be found on the blog.  We have delivered all Kickstarter orders and subsequent orders to date. 

Do cats like the pebbles?

We have had rapid and consistent success with the many cats that have tested Fuzzybutts Cat Box. Some cats are notoriously finicky about new litter, however, the pebbles are similar to what your cat might use in the wild. This seems to be a selling point to the kitties that use Fuzzybutts Litter.

You can wash Fuzzybutts litter, so it remains cleaner. This seems to be favorable to finicky kitties. The cleanliness and reduced odor are the two biggest reasons why we have never seen significant adoption issues when cats begin using Fuzzybutts cat box.

Does it smell?

Fuzzybutts does an excellent job of sequestering away the liquid waste so that it substantially reduces odors. When solid waste is present, it tends to dry out more easily and smells less than with conventional litters. We've found excellent success in nearly eliminating odors using a few sprays of Rocco and Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator on the pebbles after every time you scoop solid waste. Rocco and Roxie can be found at many pet suppliers and their spray bottle is enough for 6-8 months. We are working on our own formulation of cleaning spray and concentrate to include with your Fuzzybutts.

To put a finer point on it, when you use the cleaning spray, you have to just about get your nose into the box to detect any odor. We have found that without the spray the amount of odor varies depending on the cat, but is generally much better than with conventional litter.

When users have started noticing odors, it tends to relate to needing to empty the bag, or the tubes have become kinked and just need to be straightened out.

Isn't a bag of my cat's pee gross?

You never touch the pee, and the Fuzzybutts drip-proof connectors ensure that emptying the liquid bladder is easy and mess free for you. Its a lot less gross than conventional pee-soaked cat litter that sticks to your cats paws and is tracked all over your home. Ever find normal cat litter on your pillow? Now that is gross!

Is Fuzzybutts litter dusty?

Absolutely not. Fuzzybutts litter is made of small stones that won't track and can't produce dust. Finally, you can avoid breathing dusty litter that hurts you and your cat.

Do I ever have to change the pebbles or add more?

Fuzzybutts pebbles are washable. If you notice odors, you can spray the pebbles with a cat safe cleaner and then rinse them with warm water. You need never throw them out. We find that a few pebbles stick to the solid waste and are discarded. After several years of testing the same set of pebbles, we've found that we needed to add a few more pebbles to replace those that were lost with the waste. We will make additional pebbles available for sale if you find that you need to add more after several years or if you kitty would like deeper pebbles in which to dig. 

What comes with a Fuzzybutts Cat Box?

The Fuzzybutts Cat Box arrives at your door ready to use. You receive Fuzzybutts box, reusable liquid containment bladder, drip proof-connectors, drain connector and tube, Fuzzybutts permanent litter, scoop, several biodegradable bio-plastic bags for solid waste disposal, and a sample of cleaning spray. Never buy litter again! Everything is assembled and ready for use once you pour in the included Fuzzybutts litter and attach the bladder.

Can I use normal litter with the Fuzzybutts Cat Box?

This is not advisable and won't work. A main advantage of using Fuzzybutts Cat Box is to stop using normal litter because it is expensive, smells, tracks everywhere, is bad for the environment and produces harmful dust. Normal litter has dust and small particles that will get into the tubing of the Fuzzybutts Cat Box and damage the drip-proof connector. Only use the specially screened Fuzzybutts permanent litter with your Fuzzybutts Litter Box. Furthermore, baking soda or any cleaning agent with powder will prevent proper flow of the liquid waste and will make the connectors stop working.

I have a very small apartment. Will Fuzzybutts Cat Box work for me?

Fuzzybutts Cat Box was designed specifically for small apartments and tiny houses. Years ago when we moved into our tiny apartment with Swizzle (the original fuzzybutt), we used normal clumping litter. Our whole apartment smelled like cat pee, no matter how often we scooped and changed the litter. We tried every litter we could find, from silica beads, to newsprint based litter, and corn litter to clay. We tried every litter we could find and the apartment still smelled like cat pee and Swizzle would track the litter everywhere. If you have a small apartment, Fuzzybutts Cat Box is perfect for you. It uses permanent litter, so you don't need to carry heavy bags of clay or corn up and down stairs. It substantially reduces odors, so your apartment doesn't have to smell like a cat. The permanent litter is too heavy to track and you can clean the litter with cat-safe cleaners and warm water. And you can be glad that your cat is not contributing to destruction of our planet through strip-mining.

Finally, its possible to enjoy your small apartment with your cat. Fuzzybutts Cat Box was designed for you.

How do I dispose of the solid waste?

Fuzzybutts Cat Box comes with a small number of biodegradable bio-plastic bags into which you can place the solid waste. You can purchase more online at the Fuzzybutts Store. These can be placed in the garbage as you normally do with cat waste. Solid waste should not be flushed in the toilet because you might flush pebbles, and because cat waste can increase the spread of toxoplasmosis through municipal waste systems.

Do the pebbles track?

Rarely. Conventional litter can often be found all over the house. This was a significant impetus for the creation of Fuzzybutts Litter Box. After spending hundreds of dollars testing every cat litter we could find, we still had cat litter on our couch, pillows, and bedding. Yuck. We searched everywhere for a heavy, non-absorbent substance that Swizzle would enjoy as a litter and wouldn't track. Swizzle is the original fuzzybutt, and was thrilled that we found the perfect cat litter in our own back yard. The pebbles are from an environmentally favorable source in Maine, and are washed and screened. The best news is that the pebbles are too heavy to track and so we rarely find them anywhere but in the litter box.

Where is Fuzzybutts Cat Box made?

Fuzzybutts Cat Box is entirely made in New Hampshire, in our own family run manufacturing facility. The pebbles come from Maine. Most of the plastics for the components come from materials recycled by various companies in New England and the Midwest.

Can the Fuzzybutts Cat Box be used to take urine samples for a veterinarian? 

An accepted protocol for sample collection isn't complete to use Fuzzybutts Cat Box to take a urine sample. We will post it once the protocol is determined. However, speak to your veterinarian and explain your kitty's use of our innovative litter box. In all likelihood, if your veterinarian advises you, you can disinfect the litter by pouring a cat-safe disinfectant over the litter, which in sufficient quantity will disinfect the tubing, connectors, and collection bladder. Be sure to use the drain tube to empty the disinfectant from the collection bladder so that the drain tube is also disinfected to remove the sample from the reservoir. A few flushes of water through the pebbles and the bladder, and you will likely have an effective means of collecting a urine sample from your kitty. 

How should I transition to Fuzzybutts Cat Box?

The best way to transition your cat to Fuzzybutts Cat Box is to place your new Fuzzybutts Cat Box in the path your cat takes to get to the old box, such that your kitty walks through the Fuzzybutts Cat Box. Then, stop cleaning the old box. Most cats take no time to discover that the Fuzzybutts Cat Box is far preferable. Once you find that your cat is consistently using Fuzzybutts, simply remove the old box and never buy cat litter again. Some people have found that their cat transitions fine if they just take away the old box and replace it with The Fuzzybutts Litter Box. Your mileage may vary.

Is there a guarantee or warranty?

Fuzzybutts Cat Box was designed and is made by our own family run manufacturing facility in New Hampshire. We want every person who purchases the Fuzzybutts Cat Box to be thrilled with it. Our guarantee to you is that if you have an issue and you contact us, we will respond to figure out with you how to make it right. We have a warranty policy available through a link at the bottom of the website. Most of all, our goal is that you are happy with your Fuzzybutts Litter Box.