We are passionate about creative invention, saving you money, and helping you reduce environmental damage from cat litter .


Fuzzybutts is the product of years of tinkering, prototyping, testing, and engineering by father and son team Jim and James Finney. They took a basic concept and refined it into an easy to use product that solves a variety of the most pressing problems you have with your kitty.


Jim Finney

Jim has been a machinist and tool & die maker for more than 50 years. He has designed and manufactured prototypes and production parts for biomed devices, aircraft, spacecraft, cars, and others. He is expert in 3d CAD and CAM software and he designs and builds entire production machines from dies to automation and safety. From concept to finished assembly in plastics, steel, high strength alloys, and exotic ceramics Jim does it all.

  • Business owner for 40 years
  • Design and Manufacture in any material
  • High Precision tolerances in challenging materials
  • Production range from highly specialized prototypes to production parts by the millions 

James Finney

James is a medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine and has a varied career background. He managed a radio station for 5 years,  manufactured satellite lenses for an aerospace contractor, and was operations director for a major NH gubernatorial campaign. He grew up working in his father's machine shop. James is an avid traveller and volunteer. James lived with his wife and children in Central America where they volunteered at a clinic that served people from nearby Mayan Villages. While there, they rescued a baby jaguar that is now at The Belize Zoo.

  • BA from Dartmouth College in Cognitive Science
  • Travel to over 55 countries
  • jamesgfinney.com